The didactic itineraries of Principessa Pio

The bees in honey

Bees in honey is a real journey to discover bees and mellification.

The program includes a quick entomological description of the bees as well as of the hierarchy within the hive and of the social organization, pausing to talk about the queen bees and the worker bees and their dance to communicate the location of the food.

Then we move on to describe how a beehive is constituted and organized by opening one directly and visiting the beehives present in the company.

The trip ends with a description of honey and its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics with a tasting of different types of honey produced on the farm.

Validity of the route: all year round

Colombo's Egg

Colombo’s egg is a path set up specifically to bring the little ones, but not only, a little ‘playing and a little’ explaining, to discover the mysteries of roosters and hens.

The anatomical structure of the chickens, the production cycle and how an egg is born as well as the organization of the chicken coop and the different types of breeding are the chatted outline of the walk in the chicken coop with the possibility to caress and feed the animals directly.

The walk will end with a chat about chicken eggs comparing them with those of other animals and their nutritional characteristics and why the hens lay one egg a day in the nest.

At the end of the path you can have fun all together making pasta with eggs and flour or more simply the omelette with fresh eggs.

Validity of the route: all year round

Bacco's grapevine

Bacco’s grapevine is an exciting moment of participation in the transformation of grapes into wine.

A magical moment that allows you to know directly how to make wine, going to collect all together the grapes in the vineyard, pressing it and making the must in the old wooden vat.

The route will describe the characteristics of the grapes, the berries and the graspi; how sugars are abandoned in alcohol; the care that is reserved for wine and some basic notions of oenology.

The route is extremely wide and interesting and it ends in many ways depending on the age of the participants, from the must pot to the wine tasting by the Princess Pio.

Validity of the route: all year round.

Melimelon the honey apple

Melimelon or the honey apple that indicated the quince in Greek, is a nice path that makes us remember and savor how our grandmothers used to make jam.

The harvest of ripe fruit from the trees and its transformation into the tasty homemade jams that in the largest recall atavici flavors is the excuse to compare the properties of different fruit, its characteristics to be transformed, the pectin as natural solidifying contained in the fruit, the historical preservation techniques of food but also the different secret recipes.

Validity of the route: all year round.

The four seasons

The four seasons is an observational nature trail that develops in three or four meetings over the course of the different seasons and aims to directly assess the transformation that nature has during the year: the soft colors of autumn that withdraw to leave the place to winter hibernation and then to the vivacity of the spring forms with all the blooms that follow each other.

The farm becomes a large outdoor laboratory where the same glimpses are fixed on paper or in photos in different eras in order to compare both immediately and later in the classroom the normal transformation of nature thus giving inspiration to deepen so many concepts related to temporality.

Collaterally, one can not fail to chat about the seasonality of production and conscious consumption; this placing the accent on nutrition, today more and more tasteless, packaged and standardized, in the place where it reveals its roots.

Validity of the route: all year round.

Pio Pio

Pio Pio is an educational workshop to be done at school with the help of the incubator and the eggs made available by the Principessa Pio farm.

It consists in following the whole cycle of the egg: from its deposition to the birth of the chick.

Following the whole path gives the teacher the opportunity to investigate many aspects related to the biology and the reproductive cycle of the animals, all mixed with the expectation and joy in assisting the birth of a new life.

Validity of the route: all year round.

Principessa BIO

Principessa Bio is a popular course on organic farming in which we try to explain in a clear and exhaustive way the difficult and complex natural balances that underlie the techniques used in organic farming: creating the awareness that in nature there are animals, insects and organisms in general, that in their normal daily life they operate in a way that is useful or harmful to us and that therefore both can be used by man for his own benefit.

The path ends by playing “guards and thieves” in which the participants take the parts of the harmful raiders and useful animals so that playing is the very concept that the distinction between useful and harmful is only an adjective and that the diversity and peculiarity of all.

Validity of the route: all year round.

Prices and Information

The routes are generally organized during the morning and are divided into two complementary moments, intertwined with a taste of natural products offered by the farm Princess Pio.

Costs vary according to the chosen route and are generally inversely proportional to the number of participants, but they are always in a range that varies between 5 and 12 euros per participant for groups of at least 10/15 people.

Regarding the visits made by the schools, the teachers participate for free.

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